The Clocktower Society
THE CLOCKTOWER SOCIETY was originally the idea of Dukie Paul Harrington who, with Peter Vincent, chose to become a major donor to the School in 2010. It has been adopted by TDA as the main vehicle for its fundraising strategy.

Clocktower is a badge of recognition for all donors to the Dukie cause. It is not an ‘exclusive club’ and includes members from both the OBA and TDA, as well as staff members and friends.

There is no fixed contribution to achieve Clocktower membership, and we adopt the philosophy of “from a little to a lot.” All and any donations are welcome, no matter how large or small.

Membership is marked by a special badge and invitations to special events, hosted by the Principal, and we hope to eventually recognise all Clocktower donors on a special Honours Board at the School.

Funds raised are paid to the School’s tied charity, The Dukies’ Foundation with two Dukie trustees on its board, to ensure proper charitable distribution, accountability and report back.

The overarching Clocktower idea is to help the Dukies of today. From monies raised, Clocktower members have already:-
  • Made 3 student bursary awards, to keep students from military families in school, with a focus on those who have suffered hardship as a result of changes in the employment status of their parents.
  • Invested significantly in leadership/outdoor activities by the purchase of equipment (Land rover and outdoor kit) and making student grants to ensure equal access.
  • Funded visiting star coaching in sports/arts activities to improve standards and encourage participation. 
If you are interested in finding out more about the Clocktower Society please get in touch us at or  01304 245080.
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